Welcome to the first step in joining the Talisman family. We know that there are tons of great activities and groups at Stanford, so we’re thrilled you’re considering Talisman! Here’s what you can expect when you audition for us.

Auditions are held the first week of classes every academic year. The first step is to sign up for an audition at the Talisman table at White Plaza.

The Audition Process

Be sure to arrive at your audition 10-15 minutes early!

First, we’ll ask you to sing some scales at the piano, ascending and descending, to warm up your voice and to determine your range.

Next, we have a pitch-matching exercise.The pitch-matching exercises are designed to be very difficult, so don’t get flustered if you miss a few notes. Here we’re looking to see how well you can pick things up by ear.

Lastly, we’ll ask you to sing about 30 seconds of any song you’ve prepared for us. People ask us all the time what they should sing for their audition song. Believe us when we say that anything you choose is absolutely fine. We’ve heard everything from foreign folksongs to “Happy Birthday” to “I’m a Little Teapot.” We don’t judge your song choice, so feel free to sing anything that you’d like to sing.


We are a group of singers dedicated to the sharing of stories through music. Talisman was created to explore and perform substantive, cultural music. This has become our mantra as we strive to give voice to the vast collection of human stories told through rich and vibrant song. We appreciate the great challenge in musically expressing the genuine roots of the songs we sing, but we are committed to bringing these songs to life as best our abilities allow.

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