Talisman featured on Civilization 4

Talisman just recorded two songs, Baba Yetu and Coronation, with Talisman alum Christopher Tin for the release of Civilization 4.

Yahoo Games states "Special mention goes to the music, which is shockingly good." IGN writes "...the music really steals the show. From the opening choral piece to the subtle nation-specific diplomacy music, the entire score of the game lends a strong sense of culture and feeling...amazing." And Gamespot declares "Civ IV also presents itself well with a distinctive title-screen track..." Amped IGO writes: "The title track is an awesome, up-beat song that is definitely the highlight of the soundtrack..." Meanwhile, Eurogamer declares "It even has great music on the start scene, which sounds just like something from The Lion King yet - somehow - awesome." An ActionTrip review lavishes praise on the whole soundtrack, saying that it is "one of the most soothing, fulfilling and fitting I have heard in a video game yet." And even the negative reviews of the game still had something positive to say about the music; a reviewer from the Chicago Maroon, who blasted the game because he was unable to get past the starting screen, said "At least the music really rocked."

The featured tracks that Talisalum Chris Tin wrote ("Baba Yetu" and "Coronation") are now available for listening and download through Chris Tin's website.



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Latest Talisman Album!

Talisman officially released its newest album, "The Quick Day Is Done" at its 2006 Winter Show concert on the 2nd of December.

This counts as the group's seventh full-length album. More info here.

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